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Need Help Adding Google Verification Code via DNS


Would you be able to talk me through how to add a google verification code via dns, I'm a complete newbie to websites so your help would be much appreciated...

Super User III
Super User III

Re: Need Help Adding Google Verification Code via DNS



I am assuming you already have the google verification code (something like google-site-verifcation=......)


What you will want to do is goto - This is the domain manager where you can see all the domains in your account.


If you hover over the 3 dots next to your domain you will see an option for manage dns - this is what you want to select


On the next screen (the url should be

You will see a table that has things like A, CNAME, MX with an IP address and also some may have @


On this screen you will want to select Add - you will get a pop-up you should select TXT, host is @ and value is the string you have from google verification

For the TTL (TTL = Time To Live which is telling the internet how often to check for an update) I set this to custom 600 which is 10 minutes


Then you click the save/add button and you should be good to go once you go back to google and say verify.

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