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New Directory Files and folder with symbol characters



After doing a backup and restore via cPanel, in my directory couple files and folders appeared with symbols: 


h=�e�n���Ŭ�2r5��͝rY(�5|������ �<%�||�Ҷr�?�fA��d|+k���


%���`A{@�A.&�@��W��؊���?v�BS����K�(@�� ��~a`-:������ʁf�Ձ������� �������<v���c_��

the file or folder cannot be renamed or deleted, an error comes up stating that the file does not exist but I see it in my directory??? is that a corrupt file? all of these type have 7777 permission. When i try to open one of these files I get this error:


"HTTP error 401

You do not have permission to access this page."


any help would be appreciated, Thanks!