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Numerous questions regarding .CN domains

I am a domain reseller , I have registered two domains that has .cn extensions through godaddy purely because of reselling purpose , i'm not going to host or use the domain . Now my questions are do i need to make an real name validation even if its for reselling purpose ? 

What happens if i don't verify my real name validation ? 

will i still be able to transfer the domains away to other registrars or another godaddy account ?

i have read several articles it says a real name validation is needed only if we are going to host an domain or an email . or else its not needed . 

now can i hold these .cn domains until the expiry date and will i be able to renew them ? or real name validation is a must to even renew or keep the domain ?

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Re: Numerous questions regarding .CN domains

It's my understanding that the verification is needed to manage the DNS (point to website and email), but this does not affect ownership status.