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Off-site DNS forwarding

Hello community,


I have a bunch of domains registered with godaddy which I was able to redirect to an external website. I'd like to do the same thing with an off-site domain (registered on When I go to manage it, I don't see the option to forward it but I can manage just the usual suspects (A, CNAME, TXT, AAAA, etc).

Do you know if it is possible to redirect and off-site domain on godaddy? Am I missing anything?



Helper VI

Hello @diegor


This may help you:


Good luck.


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Hello @Adrian8,


thanks for your quick reply. I already read that link but it doesn't say anything about forwarding. It just says how to create, access and delete and off-site link.

I'm more interested in forwarding and off-site domain: it is written nowhere if this is possible or not.




Please how can i cancel off site domain. How do i point my 1and1 domain name to Godaddy hosting? I have used the nameserve but is not point. Thanks in advance