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Option to move domain to another GoDaddy account is showing as disabled

how can solve this issue?
Transfer domain to another GoDaddy account 

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Hey there @AmeerHamza,


It looks as if your domain is in the grace period. Follow these directions in order to complete an Account Change between two GoDaddy accounts. If it's still not allowing you to transfer, you'll need to call into support and get their assistance. 

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Hi @AmeerHamza


Welcome to the Community!


There are several reasons a domain may not be able to be moved to another GoDaddy account.


If your domain is expired, or has Protected Registration, you will not be able to move it to another GoDaddy account. If the domain is already in the process of a move (but has not been accepted by the recipient) it will stay in the account change status for 10 days before you can take any other action. And if there was a recent move from another GoDaddy account to this account, it may be locked against future  movement for 10 days. 







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