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Parked Domain - Time For Domain Approval

Dear Sir/Madam

I need to know how much time it takes to activate and removal of  "This domain is currently not approved for CashParking.". I have parked 15 domains yesterday, all are .com & registered with godaddy.

I am a newbie in domaining and kindly let me know what is the criteria to get that approval asap and how much time normally it take to appear page.


For example please visit my site:


Thanks and regards 

Former Employee

Hi @minyakamb,


Hmmm, there are some country code and other extensions that are not allowed, but you said they were all .COMS. It sounds like something unique to your account. 

Regrettably we can't assist with account specific issues here. Please contact 24/7 support. We'd be happy to hear if you find out what happened if others would benefit from it.


Thanks in advance,
Thomas D. - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
24/7 support available at

Dear Support Team 


Thank you very much for your prompt reply. I am currently residing in Saudi Arabia and here I don't see any 24/7 helpline.

I have purchased a number of domains for the first time, Its been a week that I am unable to put on Cash Parking.

As I told earlier all my domains are purchased from Godaddy and 95% are .COM. My domains are not open to public to show that WHOIS the owner of these domains. Some of my domains are listed below;


Furthermore if you are unable to resolve the issue then please take these domains back. I cant use anywhere.


Thanks and Regards


I see you got it to work. 


How did you do it?