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Problem adding txt record for letsencrypt

I've been having problems adding a dns txt record so that domain validation can work with letsencrypt.

Letsencrypt requires that a txt record be added to my domain with an acme challenge host name with a specific challenge value. The problem is that I can't add the acme challenge host name to the txt record, it seems like only the wildcard @ is allowed. If I try any other host name the record never gets added. Using @ for the host name results in the txt record getting added but the letsencrypt validation fails because it's looking for the _acme-challenge + domain name.

The odd thing is this used to work fine.

Any ideas?

 try to add '',  no need include domain name in the dns record

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Hi @goruck,


Thanks for posting. I'm not quite understanding your issue, perhaps you can provide the details of the record you are trying to add for others in the community to be able to provide suggestions. Thanks!



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Hi @Lisi,


I'm sorry that I was not clear. I will try to elaborate.


I'm trying to add a txt record to my domain I do this by going to My Domains > Domain Management > Add. In the Host field I add a value called "" and in the TXT Value field I add a value called "YxnxHMWxx0564IycsxLT44xb307zPoz2W3sYo58v1tw" which is a challenge associated with using Lets Encrypt as a CA (domain validation method, see Note that value above is generated by the certbot tool and will be different from run to run.


I poll to see when the record gets updated by the following using the linux command "dig -t txt". But even after days it does not get added.


However if I use "@" instead of "" as the Host value then I see the TXT record get added after the TTL period. However Lets Encrypt for what ever reason fails with that. It must need the "" Host name and indeed this is how I got it to work before (about 3 months ago).



 try to add '',  no need include domain name in the dns record

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Hi @lifeixiong,


thanks for your response!


This works!


Thank you.