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Redemption Fees are wrong! - You are forcing me to move my domains

I am trying to run a company. Every other month it seems like the bank makes us change our credit cards for "security" reasons. So when the automatic renewals do not occur within your preferred time range, domain payments are missed. When we reconcile our domains you charge us a whopping $80 redemption fee? Either the domain is available or it is not. If it is not available, that is our loss. I completely understand that. However, if the domain is available you want to blackmail us for $80 to get back OUR DOMAIN? ICANN only charges 18 cents per domain name, this is robbery! 

I've been paying for several accounts for years on Godaddy and I am tired of the way you treat loyal customers like me. It's seriously time for me to find a new provider who actually appreciates my business and  does NOT blackmail me! 

UPDATE: I just conducted a quick search with your competitors and I am infuriated. You definitely have competitors that do NOT blackmail their customers with "Redemption Fees".  Could someone please explain to me why I shouldn't and others who are tired of this blackmail practice shouldn't migrate everything over for "FREE" to a competitor? I won't mention their names but they do exist. 

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Re: Redemption Fees are wrong! - You are forcing me to move my domains

The ICANN fee is unrelated to the Redemption Fee.  Keep in mind registrars like GoDaddy also need to pay the individual registries who control the domains to maintain registration.  I am unaware of a registrar that does not pass these fees onto the customer.  While a domain is in redemption period it is not available to the general public, rather this is a chance for you to recover the domain before someone else is able to snag it.

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Community Manager

Re: Redemption Fees are wrong! - You are forcing me to move my domains

I'm sorry you're facing this situation, @Damaliism. We do our best to let customers know well in advance that domains are expiring. Redemption fees most often come into play when a domain name registration is well past its expiration date. @Nate is correct in saying that GoDaddy would need to pay additional fees to the domain registry to recover it. This cost is passed on to the customer in most cases.


As for other providers, here's the information I found online regarding the redemption fees that they charge in similar situations:

  • Bluehost: $70
  • Network Solutions: $299
  • Enom: $250
  • Hover: $175

Others have them as well, but this was what I was able to find. There may be a registrar out there that doesn't charge a redemption fee for domains in advanced expiration, but they are likely making that cost up somewhere else if that's the case.


We'd hate to see you go, but understand you need to make a decision based on what's best for your business. We do hope you'll consider sticking around. 


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