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Refused to Connect - Domain Forwarding

Hi everyone.  Not new to websites, but it's been quite a few years since I've done anything so I'm a bit rusty and I'm having some hiccups with what I'm trying to do.


I just recently got engaged and I'm in the process of building out our wedding website.  I'm feeling lazy so I'm using the knot ( however want to use my own domain and forward it.  I've setup the wedding website (as a base) which connects using https:// according to when I look at theknot website (auto-corrects from http to https).  I've purchased a GoDaddy domain and have set it up as follows:


forward to : https://

Type : Permanent

Settings : Forward with masking


I've left the nameservers as the defaults - however I'm not sure if I need to change them to "theknot" nameservers, which are NS1.XOGRP.COM and NS2.


Current problem is when going to the redirect, it says "theknot refused to correct".  I've waited greater than 48 hrs with no change.


Any ideas / assistance?  


Re: Refused to Connect - Domain Forwarding

All, sorted out my issue but could not solve it as it seems that all the major wedding design websites do not permit masking. Oh well, we'll see if I have the energy or care to build out my own site and get hosting. Thanks.
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Re: Refused to Connect - Domain Forwarding

Hey @deadlyapp,

Good luck with setting up your wedding site! If you need anymore help, please feel free to pop back in. We'd love to see your site as it develops. Take care and all the best!


Re: Refused to Connect - Domain Forwarding

The Knot wouldn't allow me to "mask" the site. It is now connected to the knot, but reads the generic name when you land there since it not masked. 

ex: will read as

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Community Manager

Re: Refused to Connect - Domain Forwarding

Hi @jeffsalcido. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! From what I've seen, website providers (like The Knot and others) that have the business model where you can set up a free website with their domain often don't allow masking. They will want you to upgrade to be able to use a custom domain, which you've probably already figured out. 


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