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So, I'm used to modern tech companies not being very good at what they do but GoDaddy are taking things to a new level.


Have a domain


Domain coming to renewal


Get an email that payment attempt failed.


Add new working card.


Domain appears in 'My Domains' but no manual renewal option so wait for next auto renewal attempt.


Get another email that renewal payment failed.


Renewal date is 6/11/2019 but the email says that the domain has now been cancelled and cannot be renewed.


No way to get email support


'Chat' button simply says 'Chat Loading' across three different browsers.


So, no way to renew a domain I own. No way to contact anyone re support. And now my domain doesn't even appear in the management panel.


Am I missing something?





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Super User II

Re: Renewals

@MarkThomas you can manually renew the domain. Go into the domain manager, click the check box next to the domain and go to "renew" on the pull down menu. There is the ability to renew the domain under that menu.




Re: Renewals

Hi @MarkThomas,


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The Registries from where the domains are purchased will often have their own requirements as to when the renewal needs to take place. If you have a CCTLD (country-code domain) you can go to this article, find the TLD (.ca, .in, .au, etc), and click on the link. You'll find renewal requirements there. 


Generally speaking, if the renewal date was way back in June, the domain has already been returned to the Registry. You can check to see if it is available for new registration. If they Registry is still holding it (at their discretion), you'll want to contact GoDaddy customer support, so they can escalate the issue to our CCTLD Domains team. They can determine if there is any option to recover it to your account. 





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Re: Renewals

Sorry, this was not a solution, I'd obviously tried to do it manually but got the error 'Some items could not be added to your cart - we were unable to process the following product renewals'