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Unable change nameservers back to Godaddy for my .nl domains.

Hello Godaddy and everyone,


It is not possible to change nameservers back to Godaddy for all my .nl domains. The following solutions has be tried out but nothing helps.

1. Go do DNS. Click "change" besides nameservers and choose "default". (ERR: ip address is require.)

2. Clean Chrome cookies. 

3. Change to Edge and try solution 1.

4. Call Godaddy customer service. The representative Martin has provided me the following custom Godaddy nameservers:


These nameservers cannot be applied. Error messages:

This nameserver can't be used. Try another. 
The data provided cannot be used, please correct it and resubmit your request. 
Screenshot: godaddy_nameserver.jpg
P.s. I have copied and pasted the nameservers carefully without copying a space by accident. 
What else I can do? If there is no solution, I might call Godaddy again on Monday.
Thanks advance for all the replies.

Re: Unable change nameservers back to Godaddy for my .nl domains.

Greetings @milou ,


As you may have surmised different country codes have different restrictions. Before you call, you may want to take a look at this (subsection 2) and then call. You may need to refer to this data to make it work.


I hope that helps,

Thomas D. - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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Re: Unable change nameservers back to Godaddy for my .nl domains.

Thanks for the reply.


Today I have called Godaddy customer service again. It is a technical problem on Godaddy site. They are going to set it right. I was told it will take 3 days to be done.