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Updating domain registration

I'm trying to update the contact information for one of my domains (which for some reason doesn't allow domain registrar privacy).  I keep trying to enter a phone number, and the form keeps telling me that it's an invalid format.  This is the case on both Firefox and Chrome for Mac.  Has anyone been able to update their phone number in that form, or is Godaddy's form verification completely broken?


BTW: I searched the forums for an answer, and got two answers:

  1. Spam, which Godaddy's forums wouldn't let me delete, because they're amazing at front end development.
  2. A link to customer support.

Hi @everythingsux,


Welcome to the Community!

Not all Registries will allow privacy to be placed on their domains. They require complete and valid ownership information to be displayed in the whois directories.


To enter your phone number, you'll need to choose the international dialing code (+1 for US), then input the numbers of your phone number only. No dashes, spaces, or parentheses. 

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