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Why are the additional setting disabled in 2 of my domains?

Can I ask why are the additional setting disabled in 2 of my domains?

I have cancelled the protection feature and try to completely delete the domains, but this option is not available. The subscription period has expired but I don't won't to incur and extra fees...


Are there conditions not allowing the cancellation of a domain? 


Re: Additional Settings

Greetings @Teacher1981 ,


Good question. There are, in fact, some restrictions on renewals. For example, some CCTLD domains (Country Codes) renew in advance or have a lock-out period. Here's a way to check, go to any search engine and search:


"GoDaddy About [TLD] Domains"


Just replace the [TLD] with the domain extension you are curious about (.COM, .IT, .AU, etc...). You will get the detailed information on that extension.


I'd provide a specific link, but I can't see your account or domain(s)...and do you know how many domain extensions we offer?  🙂

If for some reason you don't find it, 24/7 Support can explain.


I hope that helps,

Thomas D. - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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