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let me explain i just wanted renew my account and they charged me for protected domain registration as well 48$ . what i didn't mentioned at all. and i asked for refund but they don't as they said it needs 72 hours. and also i just have 5 days to refund i decide to send this information to the police or interpol if they don't refund me what you think? they have so bad service but i no longer feel safe with them. and i need my credit card to be safe as well and i don't want to them have my credit card information

Helper I

I wouldn't think the overcharge was intentional. The ordering process isn't that smooth as some of those features are marked for you on your orders and therefore every time you will have to deselect them. So if they promised they will refund you, then just be patient and wait for the processes to rollback and you will have your money. 

i see. but its obvious how liars are when i ask question to the chat support for example

when i am asking for different option they are like: " prices changes every year".

i am so upset i don't know i just think to transfer my domain name to the another website

i know one if i ever buy new domain it never be on


I have been ripped off by Go-Daddy several times now that I have looked over my history.  I decided to look when I got my last bill which was over $200.  They have bumped me up twice to a different level without my approval.  In 2016 they charged me twice within 2 days.  I talked to someone and they said I asked to be moved up to another account.  I asked to hear the conversation.  He said that wasn't possible.  They must work on commission and those doing the calling just sign one up if they just talk to someone even if they say not interested.  How does one get any recourse.  GoDaddy should really be shut down because a person should get to decide if they want automatic renewal or to pay as one wants to.

I was surprised to see that I was overcharged in 2017 and 2018 as well. In 2016 I paid 129 USD, then in 2017 161 USD and in 2018 201 USD.... then this year I found it unbearable and contacted customer support who generously offered 161 USD. At the same time, when I renewed manually, I got the price tag 129 USD again. Beware.