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nameservers were changed without any user action

My domains nameservers were changed from custom nameservers to the default ones without any action on our part. This is causing an ongoing outage for us. Since nameserver propagation can take a long time, we have moved our dns records over to godaddy. Why would this happen?

Community Manager

Hi @ohsnap


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There are a few ways your nameservers can change. Most of them require some kind of action on your part. If you're sure no actions were taken in your account when this happened, then perhaps the domain expired? That can cause your nameservers to be updated to park the domain. If you're unsure, I recommend reaching out to our 24/7 support team so they can see what happened. 


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This just happened to me today. All 3 domains registered with Go Daddy were changed from Arvixe and Hostgator nameservers to Go Daddy default nameservers. Support tells it must have been someone that logged into my account and that Go Daddy wouldn't have done this. The support person says it was "customer action" that changed the nameservers. I would bet that Go Daddy did something to change them to deafult. Some script or something that ran. I changed them back but my sites aren't working for who knows how long it will take to update the nameservers. 1 that was hosted at Host Gator already resolved after a couple of hours but my most visited site (up 7,000 visitors a day) is still down. I sell products from that site so thanks Go Daddy!