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"Unable to resolve host" errors from specific ISP

Hi -


We have seen a situation happen several times in the last two months where customers using a particular ISP (CenturyLink in the Denver metro area) are unable to resolve one of our hostnames for typically 30-60 minutes at a time. They see an "Unable to resolve host" error message.


Customers outside of CenturyLink are not affected during this time, so I strongly suspect it is a CenturyLink issue, but I am wondering if there is something specific we can do on the GoDaddy DNS side to help. Would changing our default nameservers help? Is there any sort of a resync or refresh that we can initiate (or request) that would update both GoDaddy nameservers as well as downstream DNS caches? What about changing the TTL (currently set to 1 hour)?


Any thoughts or advice is much appreciated. 

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Super User I

Re: "Unable to resolve host" errors from specific ISP



It sounds like the DNS servers for Centruylink in that region could be overloaded on DNS requests. You might check how many hops its taking from a Centruylink customer. 

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