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Absolutely crazy default in contact list!!!!!

WHY, why, why would the GoDaddy software developers program the contact program to do this:  when I am trying to clean up my contact list, and I'm on Page 3 of my contacts, scrolling visually through the emails, deleting some which I may not want to keep  .... I click on Joe@somewhere.usa, click delete, expecting to return to my place on the list .... but NO, I'm returned to the top of the list on Page 1.  Why would I want to do that?   Am I crazy, or have I missed some simple solution to what I perceive to be this problem?

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Yes you are correct, but what I suspect is happening is that when you delete a contact, the whole list is called again new, and where does the list start. I am unfamiliar with this particular software,  but is there not a simple  way to delete batches of contacts rather than one at a time?

This way it would only return to the beginning just the once.


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