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Adding plus in e-mail forwarding

I really like the spam-management feature of Gmail where you can use e-mails such as However, it has a weakness - my "root" e-mail address ( is still exposed.


I would like to use the GoDaddy e-mail forwarding to work around this limitation. My approach is to create a forwarding e-mail using my domain ( and forward it to my Gmail.


This works for the base address, but does not work for the "plus" syntax. That is, if I have a forwarding rule for ->, then will not work (e-mails sent to that e-mail will bounce).


Is there any way to set up plus-based e-mail forwarding with GoDaddy?





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Hey there!


Unfortunately, no, there isn't a way to set up the + functionality that gmail has as that is a proprietary feature of gmail products. It only works internally, within their system, to my knowledge. 



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One interesting workaround is to use a "catch-all" rule - it does have its limitations (I don't think rules have precedence, so if you have catch-all against a domain, no other e-mail forwarding rules will work against that domain - correct me if I'm wrong), but coupled with Gmail's own filtering, it should do exactly what I want.