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Another problems with email forward accounts

A quick flick through thecommunity shows the quality of the go daddy service.Used to have the bulk of our domains with GD but this just reminds me how bad it is. If anyone out their that receives an income can help me, please let me know why my Free email forwarding with domain: used to send my domains emails for both my partner and I, both on same domain, now They, come, then they don't, can't reset and just won't redirect - heaven forbid its not gmail, who's awful products and services show how pathetic godaddy's become. 



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Re: Another problems with email forward accounts

I'm not completely sure if I qualify to answer this @ST9494? Should I say I don't work for GoDaddy so I'm not sure if I'm the one you wanted to answer but I do receive an income. 


I don't actually see this as a GoDaddy issue as much as I do a overall internet security/SPAM filter issue. Forwarding greatly increases the chances that your email will be seen as spam and arrive in the junk box or in a worse case scenario server level spam filters can simply eliminate the message without your or the sender’s knowledge. Spam filters are learning filters. They learn based on the actions of the email recipient. If you have your mail forwarded to Gmail and receive spam and mark it as spam, what you can be doing is marking your own server as spam.


The best thing to do if you have multiple email accounts and want them easily checked is to setup an email client, like Outlook, Thunderbird or even Gmail (among others). This eliminates the need to forward and allows you to get all your mail in one spot. I hope that helps? 


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