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Are there hosting sites that don't have Godaddy's problems with email being filtered into spam?

Hello, I've been away from marketing for awhile, but now am back to renew my website and get going again. Now it is all coming back to me the problems with Godaddy email. I stopped using it over a year ago when literally every email I sent, unless it was to myself or a godaddy tech support person, got filtered into spam.  That means marketing emails, client emails, everything.   So I quit and just used a gmail account.

"Don't send your website link" and "have everyone whitelist you" is an absurdity NOT a solution.

So this is reminding me what the problems were some time ago. 


I had one major client who we were never able to connect.  Anything I sent her was filtered out of her icloud account before it even got to her spam filter.  This never got better.  Even her other account - some work account - filtered it into spam.  A Godaddy tech support person tested it and of course for them it worked fine.  But pretty much everything else - not just her, everyone - ended up in space or in spam.


So here are three questions:

1) Has Godaddy solved the email thing  (i read it had something to do with DKIM, whatever that is)?

2) Do the problems getting through spam filters also have anything to do with just plain owning a domain listed with Godaddy? I'm thinking not, but was just curious.

3) Are there hosting sites that don't have this problem?  What are they?


Thank you


Hi, any thoughts on this? I would like to keep my site but need to know that this problem is solved, first.   Or can someone explain what exactly has been happening and if this has been solved?  Thank you