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Being able to customize Workspace Webmail login?

Hi.  Im a web designer and im starting to use godaddy to create custom emails for companies.  I called a godaddy agent and he said we can't customize the Workspace Webmail login page with a custom login page for the company?  is that correct?   if we can't.   can you add that feature?  Its weird that you can 100% customize your email but not the Webmail login along with a domain specific email login?   i love godaddy but a lot of companies don't want to see godaddy as they login.  yes i could tell the client to use an app to login (which i'll end up doing) but i think this would be a cool idea.   and if you don't have this feature go daddy,  can you let me know when you do?  thanks.




Hi @WebCreator,

Welcome to our forums.  We appreciate that suggestion. We used to allow customers to customise the login screen. But that feature was disabled after we changed to the SSO login. 

KayJay - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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I would very much like to see this option reinstated.  Even if it were to only allow the addition of a single, small company logo (as it was allowed before). 

For those of us who setup domain email for others, it's a big selling point.  It adds to the reasons we got them to choose Go Daddy products in the first place. 

For myself, it now makes me feel the need to shop for another domain provider who is more flexible.


Thank you for the question. I had the same request.

I just migrated my email to GoDaddy yesterday and realizing that they don't allow branding the email login page is beyond frustrating. Why would I want to display GoDaddy branding on my email login page? Very upset Man Mad



Is this going to be permanent???  I am really hoping to customize the webmail login page with our company logo...


Same here.  Just became aware that our logo disappeared.  Was nice having it there.  Personalized the experience.


Totally agree. Wish we still had this option.


Totally Agree.


I thought godaddy was the most flexible domaine and hosting provider. I had hope that there was  a way to customize my webmail login logo. It's absolutely unacceptable to keep godaddy or Cpanel logo on my company mail login!