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Bug in Updated view

Found a bug in Updated View that prevents mail messages from being sent or saved. The same problem doesn't exist in Classic View.


Replying to an email from a Hotmail user that has an emoji in it, the HTML code for the emoji is


going down that road?
<span id=3D"gmail-m_5490615413100068551=F0=9F=98=89" title=3D":wink:">=F0=
=9F=98=89</span> I was hoping to 

which shows up in the message as  �de09  


With that emoji quoted in the reply, when you hit either Send message or Save Draft, it says Sending or Saving but nothing gets sent or saved. 


If you switch to Classic View, the message with the emoji can be quoted and sent with no trouble. 


However, I'm still seeing the problem in Classic View of getting constant Open File dialog boxes. 



Email: Unable to Send Replies due to emojis

I have recently switched over to the "updated view" on web-based email.  I made that change due to issues with getting logged out unexpectedly when I would hit Send for the first time during a session.  I had researched the problem, tried using the updated view, and that seemed to resolve it. 


However I now have a different issue.  Often I will receive emails with emojis embedded in them.  The new interface does not display the emojis and translates them into alphanumeric codes.  That in and of itself is not an issue.  However, when I tried to reply to the message, the reply hangs, reply button greys out and nothing happens.  


I find that if I locate and delete the coding that represents the emojis, the reply function works fine.  


Has anyone seen this type of thing?  

Shear Pin Ranch
Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Bug in Updated view

Hi @DavidEBSmith. Thanks for reaching out. This is an issue our developers are aware of. Unfortunately, I'm not able to provide a timeframe for when this will be fixed, but it will likely not be for a while. If possible, please use the classic version or another email client when replying to emails that have emoji in them. You may also delete the emoji prior to sending as a workaround. Sorry for any inconvenience. 


JesseW - GoDaddy | Community Manager | 24/7 support available at | Remember to choose a solution and give kudos.

Email won't send if there's an emoji

This is insane. I just need to make people at Godaddy aware of this or I'm just gonna go nuts. If somebody sends me an email with an emoji in the subject or body I CANT RESPOND. I literally can't reply, it just hangs forever until I discard, rewrite the email, delete the emojis from the email chain, and re-send. I've been using Godaddy email for a few years now and this issue has always been here. We've had emoji's since the 90's! Figure this out! JESUS

Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Email won't send if there's an emoji

Hi @seminolemuscle. Thanks for posting. I merged your post with an existing discussion since it is related to the same issue. This problem is specific to our Updated View in the webmail client. If you switch to the Classic View, you should be able to respond to the emails. This is something our developers will fix in a future release. I'll see if I can give more information on when that might be. If I can, I'll update here. 


JesseW - GoDaddy | Community Manager | 24/7 support available at | Remember to choose a solution and give kudos.