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Campaign Emails Accepted but not Opened



We are a small family brewery with an intimate email subscriber list of people who have asked to be kept up to date with our private events. We have been informed by several people on our subscription list that they are not receiving our emails even though their email address is showing up as having been "accepted". It seems as though no matter how many emails we have on our subscription list (which has gone from 500 subscribers to 1000 in the past year) only about 125-225 people open the email. Since our email list is specifically built around people who are sincerely interested in receiving these emails, and several of our followers have reported not receiving our campaigns, I believe there is something going on. Any suggestions on how to make sure our emails are actually ending up in our subscribers inboxes, and not in their junk or spam folder or into internet abyss?



Emma Martin

British Bulldog Brewery


I have  this exact same question. Has anyone responded???