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Cant create email using webspace email

Please I need an urgent help on creating an email with webspace email. The main problem is that, the three account type at the top of create form are not clickable. (email, calendar and file). Anyone should please help


Hi there, 

If you don't have the option to create an email account this usually indicates that you need to purchase a plan first. I suggest reaching out to our support team.

KayJay - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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I am experiencing the same problem: On Workspace Mail I can click on " Create Account", get a pop up, but none of the checkboxes (email, calendar, files) within the Create Account popup are clickable. 

However the Contact Support link is broken (goes to which does not exist), I can never get any customer support available on Chat and I am located in Sweden so I am not going to call the USA to fix this. Could you please reach me by email or phone? User account 129944319. 


Thanks a lot,



Hello @alinerm!


Welcome to the community! I'm sorry you're having trouble creating your email account. I do believe the issue is likely that you do not have an email plan. You'd just need to purchase one. Regarding the contact support link, where are you seeing that?


Chat is available 5am to 6:30pm Arizona time Monday through Friday. Chat is not available in all geographic locations yet so if they're not available to you, they may not be in your area yet. We have local phone numbers available. You can find yours here. I recommend giving them a call if you've purchased an email plan and cannot create addresses with it.


Heather - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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Hi I am not able to create my email account, Please check errors. I have got 100 free email account.PFA

Diddo.  I used to be able to come in and it was very easy to navigate and could go straight to adding or deleting an account.  I don't see that option anymore.  Where am I supposed to go?  My plan includes it for sure.

Thanks for your attention to the above. I have similar, although somewhat different issue. I am trying to create my emails on Account No:107147855. I am able to input email account names but...
1. Only two are showing up at the end of the day. The eight or so others didn't appear at all

2. I am getting an MX Records Error report and I don't seem to know my way around that

3. I was previously running the Domain email from google mail but want to revert to the free package in webspace.

I need your assistance urgently please.

Thank you


Am having the same issue...whereas, i have the free mailing account with my domain to create email addresses, but still not able to check mark the checkboxes in the form.


I have a the same problem.


I was under the impression that the webspace email was free once you bought a domain? The site certainly seems to suggest so

Hey @Carterv,


We do offer some service bundles that include free email plans with purchase. However, if you only purchased a domain name then the email account is not included. The most you would have available would be an email forwarding address that you can setup


CG - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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I understand that even if a domain and hosting plan are purchased, a free GoDaddy's Workspace email is no longer available. At the moment we get a free year of Microsoft's Office 365, then we're required to pay for it? 

Hey @sandramore,


That actually depends on the hosting plan purchased. Our cPanel and Plesk shared hosting plans should include Workspace email credits while our Website Builder plans include the free year of Office 365 email. 


Hope that helps to clarify. Smiley Happy


CG - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
24/7 support available at

So practically if I "only" bought a domain from you, there is no way to create a forwarding email ? 

I knew it has to be a trick, but I was not expecting the trick to be THAT low. 

I guess I will tranfer the domain to my regular domain provider, who is letting me add forwarding emails. 

Bye Bye GoDaddy. 

I can't live chat with agent

Getting Started

It says Need more Workspace email addresses? We can help. 
Please contact Customer Support or call (480) 505-8877. But i haven't create a email account.Now I want to create.How I can do it.