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E-mail accounts suspended, forced to pay and still no access to full history

How/Where do I file an official complaint against GoDaddy?

After abruptly suspending my 2 business-related work-emails (they claim a few e-mails that have all signs of scam over them were sufficient notice) and forcing me to pay $263.52 USD 5 days ago, I still have no access to my full inbox. This is unethical, wrong and outrageous! Plus, I have a text thread to prove they have been aware of this delay in restoring my e-mail since day one. Anyone else has/is experiencing this?


P.S: Just received an e-mail saying the expected date for e-mail restoration is now March 12 (not what they promised when they took my money). 

Hi @anabayat,


Welcome to the Community.

In the process of transitioning from free email accounts to paid options, GoDaddy sent several emails out to alert their customers to the end-of-life on their Workspace Email. The intention was to allow customers time to choose another plan or move their emails (through .pst files) to another plan elsewhere. 


Current plans are suspended 30 days from the day you receive the first notification. The volunteer users in this Community - account holders like yourself - are not able to address any email issues of suspension or replacement in your account. Your best option is to continue to work with the customer support team, checking for updates as needed for your migration. 



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