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Email with iPhones

I am sucidial with Godaddy webmail and iPhones!


My own phone email doesn’t work and I have tried on and off for 2 years, no joy, support useless, go way and keep trying.


Today with new employee phone I keep getting crap of smtpserver not responding!


the only way to use it is login on webmail which it totally non mobile friendly and takes ages.


does godaddy email work on devices as support is totally useless.


i have tried multiple devices had others check the inputs were correct how on Gods green earth do u get this to work?


PS it work through outlook on PC,s but don’t want to have to carry it around all day!

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Super User III

Re: Email with iPhones



I've literally never had an issue with any of GoDaddy's email products although I know a lot who have. What email platform are you using? cPanel email? Office 365? Workspace?

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Re: Email with iPhones

Mr Vapor,

Everybody has an issue with mailenable in go daddy.

What is most shameful is that the issue persists for more than 3 years.

nobody cares from godaddy

I am switching hosting companies in December but I will really try to talk to my attorney and get my money back and leave today.

Horrible services horrible customer service


Re: Email with iPhones

If you are receiving smtpserver errors, that usually means there's an issue with the outgoing server configuration. I would suggest reviewing this help article and try different outgoing ports listed here:


Another tip that sometimes helps is setting up the email on the iPhone with wifi off.