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Emails sent, but never reach destination


I have my domain, it is on a shared hosting plan. I created a few emails on Cpanel. I was unable to send or receive emails. So, I posted here and @PL281  told me to create mx record for my domain. That solved the problem of not receiving emails. Now, I can receive emails, but the problem of emails never reaching their destination is still there, i.e., I send emails and they never show up in destination user's inbox or even spam folder.  I have added an SSL certificate and what can I do to make sure that emails receive their destinations.  If a dedicated IP would solve the problem?




Hi @zains,


Did you create an email address on the cPanel hosting? Your MX record indicates the use of a "yandex" address. If your email service is provided there, you will need to check with that company to allow your email to function.


An external lookup for your MX records show they are not correct for a cPanel address. If your email address uses your domain, and is created on your cPanel hosting plan, the MX record should be:

MX (host) @ (points to) (priority) 0



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