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Enabling Azure P2 through the O365 Admin Portal



I'm interested in trying out the free trial for Azure P2.  When I log into O365, go to the Admin App, Click Admin Centers, Azure Active Directory Admin Center, I see there are a few options that I have access to, but others need an Azure P1 or P2 account.


I see that if I click on "Azure Active Directory" on the left panel, I am taken to an overview screen where it states "

To see sign-in data, your organization needs Azure AD Premium P1 or P2.
So I click on the "Start a free trial", then under Azure AD Premium P2, click "Free Trial", then click "Activate" but that fails with the following error:  (note I added redacted and removed anything that I thought was identifiable information)
Am I able to utilize Azure P1 or P2 through godaddy?

Having the same exact issue and I'm 100% positive it's a GoDaddy issue. Microsoft doesn't seem like it'll have a problem taking our money, but I'm getting stonewalled here.


Since you posted this 4 months ago, have you found a solution?



Unfortunately, I do not have a resolution.  After weeks of back and forth with the GoDaddy tech support, who have been very helpful, it was determined that I cannot activate Azure P2 because of how GoDaddy is already using AD, and it would cause a conflict.  At best, they may eventually have a way to do this.


With that said,  I investigated using a Microsoft Provider to migrate my 80+ users from GoDaddy to Microsoft Directly.  My quotes were anywhere from 10K to 50K.   Here, at best, it's been said that Microsoft is working on a way to automate the migration from companies like GoDaddy.  


So here I am stuck, with a half assed 365 Admin solution, stuck with GoDaddy until some point in the future.  My hope is that GoDaddy gets their act together and starts to offer better solutions, including  but not limited to Azure P2, Visio subscriptions and Project subscriptions.


If I get any more updates, I'll be sure to post.