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Ex Business Partner using email

Recently my business partner and I split, seperating everything 50/50. In our contract she kept the business domain and was allowed to keep 2 email addresses, her's and the info@ email. All other email addresses were to be deleted. Since switching the domain and cpanel from my GoDaddy account to her's, she has kept and using my email. Which is a breech of our contract. I do plan to speak to my lawyer about this, but in the mean time how can I block her from using it? I can still send emails from it, but of course since removed from server I can't receive emails. I have asked her to stop and she is denying it, although I have proof. Any chance I can get it turned off?

Community Manager

Hi @simplyprintshop. Thanks for posting. Unfortunately, it sounds like there isn't much you'd be able to do from a technical standpoint. If your former partner controls the domain and the email hosting, then you wouldn't have the access to prevent the use of any specific address. This would be a matter that would have to be settled between you and them without the intervention of GoDaddy. Sorry Man Sad


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