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Forward email from one domain to another


I cant seem to figure this out.

We had an original domain of and many of our customers send email to (with an S at the end) .

We have our original Workplace email set up under 


We added recently domain to our account.  We did not purchase any other email services with this domain.


We have the 100 free forwarding accounts, from our

It allows me to add a forward account, with the domain that forwards to same address at  Example: forwards to

It just does not work.  After about 2 days, I will get an undelivered error.


I looked at the DNS records for and there are no MX records or anything else related to email.

What do I need to do to get this working? If the DNS needs MX or other records, what would those be?

I am hoping I dont need to purchase another email plan for the domain.  It seems GoDaddy email forwarding setup recognizes the two domains.

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Re: Forward email from one domain to another

Make sure the domain that needs email forwarding is setup for WorkSpace email.