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Forwarding email account not forwarding the mails on destination email account

 Hello All,


I have created two forwarding email accounts and set up the MX records as well. one of them is forwarding the mails properly but the other one is not... Initially there was only one email account.. and i am kind a new to this kind of thing so it took some time to check the help.. so initially i created a account but it was not forwarding the email.. so i deleted the account and created the account with the same name again thinking i may have missed something while creating it.. then i realized something may have been missing so i checked help and found the MX records to be updated. after i updated it it is not forwarding the emails.. so to test i created another email account and it is properly forwarding the emails on it.. so going back i again deleted the first account i created and again created that account with the same name. now the system is showing me that the account is created properly but when i try to send the email on it it says recipient not i have to wait sometime for it to sync on the internet or something is messed up.. Please help.