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Gmail 535

After years of no issues using gmail to send through my website URL hosted on GoDaddy, I've been getting errors off and on for the last month. Now I can receive mail, but can't send anything using that Alias.


I have walked through previous solutions, but when I try to even connect to GoDaddy in the mails settings it keeps returning Authentication failed (though all information is correct).


The exact error is "Missed upload deadline (10.00s) (state SENT_EHLO), code: 0" -- which to me sounds like GoDaddy is not responding to the authentication request.


Has anyone else resolved this issue permanently?


For note I have:

1. Removed and readded the alias in Gmail

2. I have updated the password on GoDaddy and then updated the password in Gmail.

3. I am using Port 465 -- I have tried changing ports, that did not fix anything.


I'm having this problem too, I think.  The main difference is that I don't see any such detailed error in the bounce message, just:


  The response from the remote server was:
  535 Authentication Failed for myname@mydomain.tld


Other than that, though, it sounds like what's been happening to me, including that adding or updating the alias in GMail works just fine (meaning the server, port, username, and password are all correct) but actually trying to send email using the alias results in a bounce due to failed authentication.


I just got off the phone with GoDaddy email tech support, who say my MX DNS records are a bit complicated and simplifying things might help.  While they're correct that my MX is complex, I'm not so sure it will help, as that's dealing with inbound, and my problem is outbound.


Same problem started happening to me today!

Found a bit of a workaround, that's probably even better in the long run -- certainly faster and more reliable, due to fewer inter-company handoffs.  Yeah, they were right that I should simplify!  🙂


Forget about GoDaddy's email servers.  You can even delete any email accounts you have with them, if you have no other use for them.  So long as you send only a reasonable volume of email a day, you can use GMail's own servers for SMTP relay. will show you how.


The TL;DR is that you send via, port 587/TLS (dunno if any other port or SSL will work, I just did what they showed), with your regular GMail address (, AND AN APP PASSWORD (which you can generate at, NOT YOUR REGULAR GMAIL PASSWORD (that's the non-obvious part).


Just be aware, you now need to have 2FA turned on in order to generate app passwords, though that may be a PITA.