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GoDaddy Email bouncing incoming email

I had previous problem (never solved) with interaction between Spectrum and GoDaddy - finger pointing from each.   I appreciate GD trying to keep spam down, but they seem to block too many legitimate emails (without warning).


I have problems with GoDaddy bouncing incoming emails from known senders (linkedin).   


Of course since these are not individuals, I don't get any bounce messages.  Just messages to my alternate email addresses, that email to my "GoDaddy" address has been disabled because of bounce messages.



Community Manager

Hi @pstryjew. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! I can definitely understand your frustration.  No one likes spam, but no one likes to have their emails bounced either. Sometimes it's tough for providers to provide protection without blocking legitimate emails occasionally. My suggestion would be to submit the content of the blocked emails here if you can. That would be the best way to get them reviewed. 


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I have a copy of one of them (to another email address).   However, there are others that I know have bounced (linkedin).   Where I've gotten notice that my GD email address has been disabled because of too many bounces.