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Got sync warning when using MS Outlook Mail and it delayed email.

For the past several months, I have been getting a sync warning when using MS Outlook Mail on my phone to access my GoDaddy mail. (There was no problem using Outlook on my PC or Surface tablet.)


I am no longer getting the warning. Good.


But I now have people receiving emails that I sent weeks - even months - ago. Bad.


Has anyone else had this issue. 


Hello @drte!


It sounds like you may have had an issue with your Outlook that left emails in the outbox. When you corrected the problem, the messages all sent out. Now that the issue is resolved, make sure your outbox is empty. If the outbox is empty, there won't be anymore old emails being sent. 


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I'm having the same problem, and I don't use Outlook. I'd like to use Outlook, but it would only let GoDaddy blame Outlook by the problems that is caused by GoDaddy not having enough servers. I think the only solution is waiting for your contract with this terrible company to expire and going elsewhere.