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How do you attach a file in Mobile Mail on an Iphone?


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You've not mentioned what type of file you're adding from your phone. The trick to attaching files (pictures, articles, etc.) is to go to the file FIRST. Most will include an icon (looks like a square with an up-arrow) that you can click, in order to share/send it to various places. You should see the option there to send it in an email. Once in the email app, you can write your message.



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Hi. Thanks for your suggestion, but I don't use the IPhone Mail app, I find it annoying. I use the web based "Workspace Email " associated with my Godaddy account (via the Safari browser on an IPhone 5); BUT, I select the Mobile Mail option from there. Once in Mobile mail (either the Basic Mobile version or the Rich Mobile version), there is no apparent way to attach a file (eg, a photo)... there are the "To:", "From:", "CC/BCC:", and "Subject:" fields, and of course the body of the email. But no place to click to attach a file.

I have tried to copy/paste a photo directly into the body of the email, but that just pastes the file NAME, not the actual file.