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How to block a sender to send mail to my domain?

Hello GoDaddy team,


I'm a mail administrator of my company. My duty is to stop phishing attack or spam to all email addresses of my company. It's mean that, i need to stop some senders to send to * But, cannot find a function to do this job in GoDaddy's workspace. GoDaddy allows only individual filter in each email account of my company.


So, no choice, i have to enforce my self to launch each webmail of my users and block sender one by one. I have 200 email accounts in my company, so i have to setup email filter 200 times, if i want to block a sender.  As i noted, found that there are 1300 sender's addresses that i must block or put them to Auto Purge list. So, must to 1300 multiply by 200 times.


Do you have any solution for me to do one time of setting for all email accounts in my company (*


I hope you understand my problem and patient. So, please help to guide me to for the best solution.

Thank you.



Community Manager

Hi @Bunthet. It definitely sounds like that's a difficult situation to be in. Unfortunately, it doesn't sound like Workspace Email is a great fit for your organization. You wouldn't be able to change block/allow settings for all of your accounts at the same time. You'd probably want to get set up on an Exchange platform if you need to do something like that. This is something you can set up in our Office 365 accounts, but those tools simply aren't available in Workspace Email. Sorry Man Sad


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