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I Get Error: 550 5.7.705 Service unavailable. Access denied, tenant has exceeded threshold.

Recently, our accounts with Office 365 from GoDaddy is refusing to send emails; keeps putting up error: 550 5.7.705 Service unavailable. Access denied, tenant has exceeded threshold.


Please how can this be solved?

Thanks in advance


We got the same issue. Entire organization unable to send email. Put in a ticket with 365 support 3 weeks ago  but still no resolve. Can you please help?

We're getting the same message!


Was advised by GoDaddy Support that Microsoft has apparently blocked us from sending emails as they appear to believe that we were spamming or sending MASS emails....which is completely False!


the email is our main Business email which is used for day-to-day Business communications....and at no time have we EVER spammed anyone or sent out mass emails.


if there have been large emails sent out it is probably due to needing to send images to a customer or a client....


Never spamming or Mass emails or they're alledging we done.


If they can show us what they're alleging is spam or mass email we'll be able to verify exactly what it was for and advise whether it was in fact spam or mass email....but up until this point...they have not provided any proof...only their word against ours


And as it stands...we're unable to send emails to anyone....clients, colleagues or customers and its affecting our business!!


But nothing we can do! Took 3 days to find out what the heck was up with out emails....and we've put in the request to unblock....them...which they say will take up to 2-3 business days to complete!!


Very disappointed!!