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Ninja form stopped sending notifications

Was receiving Ninja form generated emails to my  inbox OK up until 2 weeks ago. As a newbie, I depend on qualified techies to diagnose the problem and a fix but it has become a Three Stooges finger pointing show with Bell, Go Daddy and Ninja  'blaming'  one another. I tend to think that Ninja is OK as I get a 'success' message from the Ninja form when it's sent. Bell tells me that they are not blocking emails send via GoDaddy so my guess is that the problem is at GoDaddy but they are not much of a help after 3 calls. They want to sell Office 365 as a solution but I have been using my email for years to communicate with clients and wish to continue using it only.

Does anybody have a 'solution' to the above 3 ringed circus?

Helper V

I would suggest you cross check your DNS Records and also update to the latest versions of Ninja Forms and WordPress

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Hmm... if DNS means my email provider, I already checked with them and they are not blacklisting inbound emails unless I initiate it myself. The Ninja form email notification used to work up until mid November and I sure as h did not change either the 'admin' send to address or black list the domain of godaddy where the email was going to be coming from.

 I had updated the Ninja forms and WP to the latest versions as soon as I had this problem....the finger pointing continues.................... I have unfortunately read that this 'problem' is common using Go Daddy and somewhere in the organization there is somebody who knows about this and has a fix.

Try using a gmail instead of your domain's .... If that works you must ask Godaddy that it's something which causes issue from your server.

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I'm not using my Go Daddy domain name . Using to send those notifications to. I do NOT want to use gmail. Why I was able to get those notifications to my email address up until 3 weeks ago so for nobody can explain. 

This maybe a clue for somebody, something I passed off at the time as being spam and have re thought of.

Received an email from 'Your Team' telling me that my email box was almost full and to increase the size. Otherwise I might cease getting emails. The email told me to click on a highlighted link which suspecting it was a virus, I did not do and deleted the email. Soon after this email, the Ninja notifications stopped coming. Was this email possibly for 'real' and if so who might of sent it ? 

I'm having the same issue with feedback, comments, contact form, etc and no one at godaddy knows how to fix?  Did you find a solution?

I'm also not receiving any Ninja forms to my godaddy hosted email address however they go through to others i've tried. Really looking forward to a fix on this asap!