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Outlook Inbox Reminder | Google Chrome Extension

I downloaded the Outlook notification reminder extension for Google Chrome, and it's asking me to sign in.  Our office purchased several deluxe Outlook accounts from GoDaddy a week or two ago, and we've all been using it perfectly...


I enter my login/email, and it says I don't have an account...even though I do and I'm even currently logged into my inbox sending/receiving across all mobile, desktop, and Chrome platforms -- but on the website (to activate the Chrome extension inbox reminder/alert) says I don't have an account (??) How could I be using Outlook and paid in full for multiple account via GoDaddy, if I didn't have an account?




PS: How do I know if I have Office 2016, Office 2019, or Office 365 through GoDaddy; and would that affect my login for the Google Chrome Extension inbox reminder tool found HERE