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PhP Mail Function

I have a message board on my site that I set up using php and MySQL.  When someone posts a message to the board, I use the mail (___, ___, ___); function in php to send myself an e-mail notification that someone has posted.  The problem is that the "From:"  shows up in the e-mail as:




Where the asterisks are my cpanel login information.  This obviously won't work when I want to send push notifications to other members of the message board.    I tried defining $header and using that as the fourth argument in my mail function, but then the mail function does not work at all.  The only way it seems to work is when I say mail ('', 'Someone Posted', 'Someone posted to the site.');  If I add a fourth argument (which I believe is supposed to specify the 'From' line in the e-mail) it doesn't work.  Maybe I am using the wrong format for the fourth argument?  In any event, if anyone can help, it would be appreciated.

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Hello @Rasputin2 and thank you to reaching out to the GoDaddy community. 


Could you just not specify a different email alias for notifications like ''? 


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