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Removing Office 365 from my account

I am fairly new to Godaddy hosting - my renewal period is coming up. I have a domain through Godaddy that is for my Emergency Management efforts. I am retired, very fixed income and this domain is a not-for-profit site for information only. I noticed on the renewal page that if I let the auto renew happen I will be billed monthly for Office 365. I don't believe I have any need what so ever for this product, and having a fixed income I would prefer to cancel that prior to the renewal.


My concern is what will it do to my domain? Will it have any effect at all? Since I don't THINK I have any part of my site actually using Office 365, and I have not downloaded anything in the past year - well I don't think I need it. However prior to actually removing it from the auto renew I wanted to check and see if it would be a seamless thing for me. 


Can I without any ill effects?? Thanks

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Re: Removing Office 365 from my account



Office365 is offered in many of GDs plans for free for the first year.  It is a email suite of products that if you are not using them -- and you would know if you were 😉 -- you can safely deactivate the auto-renew so you are not charged for what you are not using.


HTH! 😉

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Re: Removing Office 365 from my account

Oh good thank you. I removed it. 🙂 Now I only need to figure out how to micro-manage the monthly billing. LOL I was spoiled this past year. My little is one of my only past times these days, besides my gardens and emergency volunteering I do. I sure didn't want to loose it just because I did something stupid like deleting a piece that was integral to the process. So thanks for the info.