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SMTP problem or PHP mailer?

Hi there, I have a problem. My pages cofirmation e-mails doesn't send. I did everything but nothings happen. then I setup on my apple mail and occured "auth required" error. So no confirmation e-mails send to my clients. Help me pls.

Ekran Resmi 2018-01-09 18.39.25.png


Ekran Resmi 2018-01-09 18.43.07.png



Hi @ozanozdil, thanks for posting.

If you are having trouble sending email, I suggest that you try logging into the web-based email for your account and try sending from that. If you are able to send from the web-based email, that shows that your account is working. The exact steps to log into your web based email will vary depending on your email service, but is generally accessible by visiting email. yourdomain. tld. If you are unable to log into your webmail, you can try changing the password for your email through your GoDaddy account or call Support to review your email account in detail.


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