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Stuck in log in loop / Can not access my email



I have a weird problem. I have moved my email to 365. I have no problem login in and getting to the main 365 screen. But once I click Outlook as a browser app on the main 365 screen I get a feedback loop. As in I am asked to pick a an 365 account again. If pick the account I I currently logged into - it reloads the screen - creating a loop. 


Therefor I am unable to access my email. I have in addition another email on your account that does not work on the old system (godaddy email) because I moved to the new system (365). Because of this I have two emails not working. 

Does anyone have a solution for this?

P.S As a sidenote I would just like to add that I think godaddy and 365 have managed to make a beautifully simple idea (e-mail) incredibly complex. Your service and how you setup your service is way to complex in relation to what I am asking for as a customer. Email service (Especially if I am paying for it it) should be super simple in use. There are free email services like hotmail that mastered this decades ago. 


Hi @Eyjolfsson,


Thanks for posting. Are you able to log in through email.yourdomain.tld without it giving you a loop? If you're still having issues, try testing it from a different browser if the issue continues you'll need to contact live support for assistance.



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I almost feel like giving up!!!!

Hi @resilientiris,


Welcome to the Community!

As the posts above are over a year old, we'd encourage you to re-post your question with more information. Please be specific about the error you're seeing, including a screenshot, if possible. You may also wish to include the email address that's involved, for a closer look. 





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Yeah, what's going on?????