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Track Delivery Not Working

I am trying to establish if one of my users genuinely has a mail problem. They are saying that some of the e-mails they send are not getting to the recipient according to the recipient!


I have not been able to look at their e-mail client (Outlook running POP / SMTP), so I will investigate next week when I can get there to have a look.


In the meantime, I have tried to look at "Track Delivery" in cPanel but there are zero results shown for any of the options including "Show Successes". The documentation linked from this page states "Your hosting provider must enable the Eximstats option in WHM's Service Manager interface (WHM >> Home >> Service Configuration >> Service Manager) for the Delivery Report table to display messages. The Delivery Report table only displays messages for which the eximstats database stores data."


I cannot see how to do this. Can some advise, please?


Hi having the exact same issue, some emails need sending 3,4,5 times befiore they are received. GoDaddy wont help. Did you ge this sorted?

Hi @scottwhittaker,


Welcome to the Community!

What type of email plan are you using? Have you tested with and without any attachments or signature gifs? (Make sure not to use "test" in the subject line when you do.) If you can provide these answers and a few more details, our other users - with similar issues - may be able to help you resolve your problem.



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Its just CPanel Webmail. Last night GDaddy put it down to a blacklisted server/relay but this wouldnt necessary explain the issues we have been having for a couple of months. Suddenly yesterday some recipients werent getting any emails (one being me at my personal email address luckily) so the blacklisted relay would expalin that but not the ongoing issue of having to send some emails 4-5 times before they arrive.


Tested with the simplest of emails directly from Webmail with all spam protections turned off.


Its not Outlook

Its not authentication

Its not the email content


He checked the logs last night and he wasnt even seeing the emails leave the server apparently.

I am still suffering random problems with GoDaddy Mail. Works fine then randomly and without explanation, it stops sending to some recipients (who have received mail in the past). Retry 2, 3, 4 times and 1 might get through. Next day, all is well again.


I have tried every solution suggested on this thread and in various other similar threads.


I have tested every possible way to send mail from several different PCs (Win7, Win 10 and Linux)to send and receive mail (Outlook, web based mail, IMAP, POP and so forth) to use the e-mail accounts I pay GoDaddy for. There are no local configuration issues my end. Recipients have checked spam, junk etc. Some mails are still going missing.


I have even used a completely different account with a different address to send exactly the same content. These ALL get through.


GoDaddy. There is a random and extremely frustrating problem with your mail servers, relays or whatever. It is NOT a problem at the users end and continually batting it back at us saying to test this, test that and it must be a problem at the recipients end just is not good enough! If only onne or two people reported this as an issue, then maybe its possible it is not an issue at your end but when so many people appear to have e-mail related problems, I find it inexplicable that you refuse to accept there is a problem. Either investigate and find the problem or give us more access to our own mail servers to try and find out for ourselves.


I do not want to endure the pain of migrating hosting my domains elsewhere but I am losing confidence in your ability and it causes me direct pain daily when I have to chase individuals to check they got my mail and, when the don't to find a way to get it to them!



Yeah they love to blame CPanel and say its unreliable but I personally think they know of the issues or even cause the issues as they literally cannot wait to offer the premium email services when you call up.


I also have CPanel email with BlueHost and never really have an issue, certainly cant remember the last time I did but when I do they happily investigate it. They even helped me investigate this issue when we both knew it was a GoDaddy specific issue. GoDaddy just use it as an excuse to sell Office365.


They also blame shared hosting for issues but I dont have so many problems with BlueHost. Maybe GoDaddy is so cheap it attracts idiots and spammers that get IP addresses blocked? But I would like to think newbies wouldnt be shoved onto a server with 400-500 other 5+ year reputable members. Clearly they are being.


We will be leaving GoDaddy

Hi @scottwhittaker and @TheZim,


Thank you for your concerns. Some email issues are best solved by a call or chat to our customer support team. There are a number of variables that can be causing your email issues, and may be very different for each customer. A call can allow GoDaddy to check your connection to the server, check any third-party client settings, your sending IP, and a number of other possible factors. There is rarely a universal fix, especially when geographical locations and servers differ. Please contact our team so your email can be tested in real time. 


If calling isn't an option for you, please try our live chat available Monday-Friday from 5am-6pm Arizona time (MST) on the US/English home page (



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Hello good afternoon

I am going through the same problem, the track delivery does not show me any information, I called for assistance and after 5 minutes of waiting they told me that they do not have support for c-panel, something that seems absurd to me.

What I want to know is if they have definitely blocked that service, I have been a godaddy customer for more than 5 years and now I am seriously thinking of migrating as a provider since only with them do you have these problems.

Getting Started

Almost a year on an the problems seem to not only persist but have got worse. I have tried just about every test imaginable! I have spoken to GoDaddy support which is somewhere between extremely poor and "we don't care".


No one seems to care that this IS affecting business for a number of my users and it is worse in that some customers receive e-mails for months and then suddenly, for no apparent reason, stop getting them.


ALL I ever hear is support telling me to upgrade to 365 (which is expensive and NOT what I want).

Unfortunately, despite the fact I have been a customer for over 5 years and am paid up in advance to 2026 I no feel I have no choice but to move. This will be incredibly painful to do and expensive given I seriously doubt GoDaddy will willingly refund me. 


I just wish SOMEONE would take this problem seriously. You cannot sell someone a product (cPanel e-mail) to 2026 and then just abandon it without a care and tell your customers to pay even more to get a product they might (or might not) bother to support properly.


I am really p****ed off with GoDaddy and stopped recommending them a year agao. In fact, when asked I tell people to go to anyone else other than GoDaddy.