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Why was the registrar of my website changed?




I would like an explanation for why the registrar for my website was suddenly changed without my permission or awareness. The registrar and the name servers for the website were changed on March 22, unbeknownst to me. Why? How is this possible? Additionally, all of my content (since 2014) is gone.
So far I have received the run-around from WordPress, Automattic and Wild West Domains, and no one has bothered to give me an answer. I want an answer, and I want this issue fixed immediately. This is not fair, and it is very disturbing that my website was snatched from under my nose with no security protections or measures in place. It is further disturbing to not be able to talk with a live person. 
What kills me is that all of these products and companies involved with the deletion of my website are Go Daddy affiliates---Wild West Domains, Secure Server,, and Automattic---yet no one can seem to help me. Please stop the racket!!! 
I am astounded. Very poor customer service. Please acknowledge and address this issue promptly.

I can't answer specifics, but here is the situation:


Automattic is the company that runs, that is likely where you registered your domain. They are a completely separate company from GoDaddy.


Wild West Domains is part of a reseller network. They offer services like domain registration to companies like Automattic.


I was only saying that so you know I understand the underlying situation. In this case, the support for this has to come from Sorry about the run around, but that is for sure where you have to go to get this corrected.