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how to set up email forwarding on a new account

Hi, we just recently bought a new domain name, and I would like to set up some email forwarding on it. Various posts online say that I should get 100 credits for doing this, but when I look under my account I can't see the email forwarding option. Can anyone help ?

Rockstar II

@TimHeap46 I do not believe that domains come with email and email forwarding anymore. You'll more than likely need to purchase an email plan for the domain and then setup the forwarding.


Hello Tim,


You can use services like , they are specilized in email forwarding. 


  1. Sign up for an account with
  2. Log in to your account at by entering your username and Password.  
  3. Go to your DNS records ( On the My Products page, next to the domain you want to select, click DNS.)
  4. First, delete the current MX records that send mail to your old email provider. After that you'll add new MX records for
  5. To direct your email to your account, you have to add new MX records to your domain. These are the records that you need to add: with Priority 10 and with Priority 20


That should resolve your issue.