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Site and Plesk not accessible for over 24 hours

Go Daddy lost connectivity to my 2 sites at 08:00 uk time and evidently resolved an issue they had at 17:00. I called to inform them that I still had no access to my sites and no one in the UK could access it. No sales since 08:00 being a strong indicator. Was told site was reachable by them, I stated that was not the case from the UK. Trace route asked for and carried out, which showed a time out getting to Go Daddy, also informed them that I could not access Plesk, Had to request that whoever was looking into the issue jump onto a UK based server and try to access my site from there. 24 hours later and after being told multiple times it was my ISP, they did a test from the UK/Europe and have found an issue. It is not resolved as I type, but why has it taken hours of my time to convince them that I had an issue and having to steer them in the direction of where a possible fault may lay? What is going on with their monitoring if they cannot notice that there is an issue with their European servers. Not happy at all. Go Daddy you must do better.