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Slow hosting, since day one.

I have a Deluxe Windows Hosting with Plesk with goDaddy. And all my website run very very slow. They have from the start, even when I do a clean install of WordPress.

are just two of my site which are very slow.

Community Manager

Hi @Litt1e0ne95. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! I'm not sure why this would be happening with your hosting plan. More than likely, the issue you're running into is account specific. However, I can say that having multiple WordPress installs on a single hosting plan will obviously use up the resources for that plan much faster, especially if caching is not used. You may want to consider using a caching plugin if you aren't already. If you are and you're still seeing high delays, you can always connect with our customer care team so they can double check the account for issues. 


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