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AWS upload of certificate

I uploaded my csr to godaddy generated by an app called DegiCert.


Godaddy created a certificate and when I download the certificate I get two files inside the zip. One is the certificate chain and I'm not sure of the other.


AWS asks for 3 things the private PEM, public PEM and the certificate chain. Where do I find the public/private PEM for the cert generated?


Im not an expert in the area but I did some research and found some info regarding converting the .crt files you downloaded from godaddy to .pem


This may be worth a try.

Mike L. | WebPro

Thanks. I am not sure that what you suggest would work or not. I ended up finding that I could import the certificate into digicert and then use "export certificate" to get the private key. Inside the zip file downloaded one contained the cert chain, and the other file contained the cert body. To add a cert to aws certificate manager you need those three items. So I am set now.