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SSL Cert works in Chrome/Edge/Brave, not in Firefox/IE w Managed Wordpress hosting

Transferred my WP site to GD Managed Wordpress hosting. Originally purchased the Deluxe plan. All was well until I needed to implement SSL. I thought I could use my existing * wildcard from Godaddy. Management interface did not warn me it would disallow downloading the newly re-keyed certificate. Spoke with Tech support. They recommended moving to the Ultimate WP managed hosting, which includes free SSL cert. Did that and re-keyed my wildcard cert. Allowed the management interface to install the free SSL cert on the website (actually twice now, by detaching and re-attaching the domain). So works fine in Chrome and Edge (Chromium) (not sure why, but these show the latest serial # for the re-keyed * wildcard cert, which is NOT installed on a Godaddy server). Firefox (and IE) will not load the site. Error SEC_ERROR_REVOKED_CERTIFICATE. I've cleared browser cache, certificate cache, verified site with multiple SSL checker websites. Nothing I've tried will get Firefox to load the site, or other browsers to use the free SSL cert provided with WP hosting.


So, apparently one must wait until the originally assigned wildcard certificate revocation actually occurred (about 3-4 days), then detach and re-attach the primary domain, allowing the system to auto-install a correct, free SSL certificate.